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Job Ref.: 5856

Job Title: Folder Gluer Operator

Role: Technician / Maintenance

Relocation Available: Yes

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Connecticut

Town / City: Naugatuck

Job Type: Permanent full-time

Job description:

Major Duties:


• Make ready, operate and maintain folder-gluer.

• Identify, troubleshoot and correct product defects caused

by gluers.

• Identify job ticket specifications and set and operate

machine to published specifications.

• Identify and make basic repairs to Finishing Department


• Perform preventive and corrective maintenance on folder


• Enter production data electronically.

• Be able to fold and glue both SBS and plastic cartons.

• Run a folder gluer at high speeds.

• Be able to use hot melt, extrusion and pot adhesive

application systems.

• Be able to use label application equipment for security

tags, labels and coupons.

• Be able to use high speed imprinting equipment.

• Make ready, operate and maintain a rigid window application


• Make ready, operate and maintain a flexible window

application machine.

• Make ready and run both in-line and auto-bottom folding



Other Duties:


• Maintain housekeeping standards.

• Achieve targeted performance standards on make-ready, run,

non-chargeable times and scrap.

• Provide daily feedback to supervision regarding all aspects

of shift activities.

• Complete forms, logs, and records as required.

• Adhere to safety rules.

• Follow direction of Shift Team Leader





Minimum Educational Level:


• High school education or GED.

• Read, write, and speak English.

• Basic math skills.

• Take and pass a mechanical aptitude test.

• Be able to work overtime.

• Be flexible with respect to required shift.

• Must have own tools.


Minimum Experience:

Minimum 5 years of experience as Folder/Gluer Operator


SKILLS NEEDED (Note: Candidate may be disqualified if these requirements are not met)


• Basic mechanical ability and aptitude.

• Effectively interact with others in a team environment

• Able to lift/move/carry up to 40 lbs.





• Prior mechanical experience

• Prior machine operator experience

Bottom Line Requirements:

1. High school education or GED.

2. 5+ years of experience as a Folder / Gluer Operator.

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